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Dinner Plans!

Hello chicago_poa. I'm helping out minervacat with the dinner planning because she is crazy busy with work and other things.

I came up with three options for dinner on Friday before the movie. minervacat mentioned that people were interested in pizza. Here are two nearbye pizza locations:

Pizzaria Uno, 26 E. Ohio. Uno is fantastic but they don't take reservations and they can get very very crowded.

California Pizza Kitchen, 835 N. Michigan. This is in the Water Tower, a short walk away from the theater. They also do not take reservations but said that they might be able to hold a table if we call them a couple hours in advance.

The next option is not primarily pizza, but I think it's an interesting possibility:

Heaven on Seven on Rush, 600 N. Michigan. This is a Cajun-Creole resturant that takes reservations and is connected to the movie theater. Which might be very advantageous.

We also had some Mexican type suggestions:

Lalo's, 500 N. LaSalle
Mambo Grill, 412 N. Clark.

Both places take reservations but they are also a bit more expensive than our other options.

So please leave a comment with your preference and tomorrow morning I will post definite plans, or maybe a final death-match or something. At that time I'll also take a head count so I can make a reservation if need be before 5:00pm tomorrow.
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