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i am the worst organizer ever, guys. sorry.

We have a problem.

I can't get tickets for the AMC River East. I've tried. You can't buy them online, I'm suffered through an hour of the Worst Hold Music On The Planet on their automated system only to discover that they don't sell them that way, and I'm beginning to think that the AMC River East isn't even showing the damn thing.

Now, the Loews at Michigan and Ohio is. I can get those tickets through Fandango. (Though I think I'll need one person to help me; you can only buy four per credit card, and I've got two I can split it between, but we've got twelve people going.)

Does anyone object to this? It's still as accessible by CTA as the AMC - Grand on the Red Line - and there are some great restaurants right near by, and I can buy the tickets today. ASAP, in fact.

Let me know if there are any huge objections - otherwise I'm going to go ahead and get tickets there. The only real problem as I see it is that there's a 7:15 showing and a 10:45 showing - I know that some people couldn't do the earlier time, but we're kind of running low on ticket-purchasing time. Discuss. Let me know. I'd like to get this settled today if at all possible.

Argh. *flail*
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Fine with me, and let me know if you want me to buy some tickets. I'll be here on and off all day. In fact, e-mail me at thalia@vidweasels.com and I'll send you my phone number.
Email sent. :)
I'll be with Thalia, so whatever works for her, works for me :)

Deleted comment

I may call/email you to pick up a chunk of tickets, if need be. Thanks for the offer.

Tomorrow afternoon - Day After Tomorrow? I know you're doing the hobbity thing, but I thought you might be interested anyway. We're skipping it tonight for going-away-party sorts of reasons.
10:45 would work splendidly for me.
I'm waiting to see what other people say; I've had a couple of votes preferring the 7:15 show already, but we'll see.

Still no luck getting off work? Bummer.
Kari and I could do 10:45, if that's what's better for everyone else, but I'll admit I'd prefer the 7:15. Either way works, though.
I prefer the 7:15, too, because that doesn't preclude a drink and/or dessert afterwards and then silvana could meet us after her show, but 10:45 sort of does. I'll just want to go home and collapse if we go to the 10:45.

So far we have you and Kari and me voting for 7:15 and Hairball (hee!) voting for 10:45. I'll ask around and see if any of the others care. I'm sort of waiting on Cedar to see what she thinks, but I may just make a call if it gets too late.
The best I've been able to do so far was to take off an hour earlier. I still have not given up hope. I want to be able to hang with y'all before we all get swallow up by a dark theater, watching in awe as the wonderful world of Harry Potter unfolds before us all!
Well, you're in luck - it's the 10:45 showing and we've got a ticket for you. :)
*throws confetti, cedarlibrarian-like* ;)