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i am the worst organizer ever, guys. sorry.

We have a problem.

I can't get tickets for the AMC River East. I've tried. You can't buy them online, I'm suffered through an hour of the Worst Hold Music On The Planet on their automated system only to discover that they don't sell them that way, and I'm beginning to think that the AMC River East isn't even showing the damn thing.

Now, the Loews at Michigan and Ohio is. I can get those tickets through Fandango. (Though I think I'll need one person to help me; you can only buy four per credit card, and I've got two I can split it between, but we've got twelve people going.)

Does anyone object to this? It's still as accessible by CTA as the AMC - Grand on the Red Line - and there are some great restaurants right near by, and I can buy the tickets today. ASAP, in fact.

Let me know if there are any huge objections - otherwise I'm going to go ahead and get tickets there. The only real problem as I see it is that there's a 7:15 showing and a 10:45 showing - I know that some people couldn't do the earlier time, but we're kind of running low on ticket-purchasing time. Discuss. Let me know. I'd like to get this settled today if at all possible.

Argh. *flail*
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