on sateda, i was an accountant (minervacat) wrote in chicago_poa,
on sateda, i was an accountant


Rot, hell and damnation.

I've come up one ticket short and I've used all the credit cards I can. If anyone sees this, can you buy one ticket here for the 10:45 showing - sorry about the time, y'all, the 7:15 showing sold out this morning - and post a comment letting me know? If not, I'll make insidian do it when she comes over soon.

ETA: Taken care of!

Otherwise, I've got tickets for all but one who claimed them (and thank darthalia for buying some, too!), and y'all owe me 10 bucks apiece.

The twelve attendees thus far: minervacat, cedarlibrarian + 2, insidian, farothear, flouritephoenix, darthalia + 1, goovie, sunquist, uss_hairball. Tickets for the 10:45 show (at Loews 600 N. Michigan) are still available, if you know anyone who wants to join us. The link above should work. Next week we'll get dinner plans dealt with!
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