Ms Hairball (uss_hairball) wrote in chicago_poa,
Ms Hairball

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The dénouement of ice mice

Hee, I'm such a dork. I finally figured out how to join this community so that I could see all the posts I couldn't see before. Should we be worried that I work at an IT helpdesk?

I just wanted to drop you guys a quick note of THANK YOU for all your organization and for the great time last night! I'm sad I couldn't join you all for dinner, but I'm glad that I was early enough to at least catch some faces and names before we were all swallowed up by the darkness of the theater. (Admittedly, I can't necessarily match whose face belongs to which name, LJ or non, at this point, but hey, it's all good!)

So... see you for GoF? ;}
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