on sateda, i was an accountant (minervacat) wrote in chicago_poa,
on sateda, i was an accountant


I'm going to try and buy tickets for all of us to a Friday evening - between 9:30 and 10:30 pm is what I'm aiming for, depending on what's available - showing of Prisoner of Azkaban at the AMC River East theater as soon as tickets go on sale (which should be this week), so I'd like to get a final-ish headcount of who all will be attending.

When tickets finally go on sale, I'll pick a show time and post it here, and we can startstart organizing for a dinner out beforehand.

So, if you're planning on joining us for a Friday June 4 late evening showing of PoA in Chicago, reply here and let me know if you're bringing anyone who isn't in the community so I can get a honest headcount. If you have a time preference - closer to 9 pm, later the better, whatever - let me know that as well.

Two and a half weeks! *tosses confetti*
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